About Me

Sahib Karim Khan describes himself as an Enlightener who believes in illuminating the human capital by enhancing their intellectual capabilities. He is a certified Six Sigma professional, blogger and a trainer whose expertise lies in equipping individuals with tools and techniques that develop them to identify their true potential and perform above and beyond expectations. He is Founder/Trainer & OD Consultant at ‘TPE Consultants’.

With more than ten years of corporate exposure, Sahib has been associated with organizations like Marriott International, PMCL Mobilink, Stimulus, Navitus & Axact. His forte has been managing the Customer Service Operations, specifically training and developing diverse teams on different aspects of operations. He has earned several professional accolades including the prestigious ‘Mobilink Century Club Award’ for excellence.

Sahib has earned several local and international certifications and is a:

  • Certified Train The Trainer (Navitus, Pakistan)
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Professional (Gem One International, Singapore)
  • Certified People Manager (Navitus, Gulfstone Training, Pit Stop Training UK )
  • Certified Culture of Excellence Implementer (Round Incorporation, UK)

Sahib has also managed projects for organizations like Sapphire Textile, Deutsche Bank, Nestle, Siemens, TCS, IBM, HBL & KESC among others. He has enlightened employees from different organizations on areas of customer services, call center operations, sales and performance management.

His approach to work is customer-centric and believes that optimism is the key to success. A continuous learner by nature, Sahib holds an MBA/M. Phil. in HRM, and in future plans to go for Ph.D. in Organizational Development (OD).

His hobbies include listening to music, playing sports, spending time with friends and exercising. An admirer of Dr. Mohammad Allama Iqbal and Jalaluddin Rumi, Sahib enjoys studying their philosophical thoughts on different aspects of life.

He resides in Karachi and could be contacted at sahibkarimkhan@gmail.com


32 Responses to About Me

  1. shahzada Fazlur Rahman says:

    Sahib sir as a Pakistani in general and Chitrali in particular, I feel happy and proud to know about you. You are the great asset of our country, nation and future gentation.
    I pray may Almighty bless you with good health, progress and everlasting happiness.

  2. Chuck Cady says:

    Sahib, we have a small organiztion in the nascent stage of looking for a speaker in your area of expertise. We don’t have a big budget. Do you do speaking? If so, what is your charge?
    Thank you

  3. anwer mohiuddin says:

    sir really you r awesome i can say you r my mentor.

    anwer mohiuddin (two days training of F.T.S.P) in gulshan azm training centre

  4. shaista zeb says:

    You always make me feel proud bhaijan……. stay blessed and hope u will continue climbing up high and high .:)

  5. Wow Sahib, I really like your achievements and personality. I met with you for a very short time but it was a good gathering. I guess you remember me On wedding ceremony of Mian Saab at Quetta.

  6. great to hear and read about you. you are blinking star of organizations. i very adore you. i am very impressed from you. may God give you tremendous success in life and help you more to do more for human kind. 🙂

  7. Krishna Raju says:

    Best Of Luck Sahib May GOD Help you in every step of your successful life……

  8. Ali Surhio says:

    Thats wonder full 🙂 Keep going on …Good luck !

  9. Shaheryar Sarkar Ahmad Khan says:

    Waoo..thats great sahib.. Its an honour to have a contact like u.. Best of luck for future…

  10. javed riza says:

    impressive career…

  11. fatima aziz says:

    wow i am impressed

  12. Syed Muhammad Shams Perwaiz says:

    I studied 3 or 4 courses with sahib…his skills and practical knowledge and capabilities to tranfer the things to others is absolutely fantastic…I wish sahib great success in his life and May Allah bless him in his every path …Good Luck 🙂

  13. Yousuf Ali Khan says:

    In short words he is a true professional & hard working . We are proud of you Sahib.

  14. Ahhad Hashmi says:

    Nice Sahib 🙂 Keep it up….. All the Best

  15. Faisal Khan says:

    Sahib love to work & keep himself busy & have a creative mind . He is multi talented guy .. Best of luck

  16. Tayyaba says:

    Its great to see that Sahib is touching the sky of success. Great! Best of luck for his future:)

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